Kelso's Wheel (Problem Solving choices)

Kelso’s Wheel is our school-wide problem-solving model. Kelso’s Wheel encourages positive personal power that is essential for a child’s growth. It empowers children to use the skills of conflict management in school, in the community and at home. All children are capable of becoming peacemakers. The wheel’s strategies focus on the life skills of problem solving, cooperation, responsibility, and friendship. Kelso helps students understand the difference between small problems that they can try first to solve on their own, and big problems that necessitate adult intervention. Kelso’s Wheels are posted in all classrooms and various other places within our school. The wheel choices include:
1.) Go to another game
2.) Share and take turns
3.) Talk it out (respectfully)
4.) Walk away
5.) Ignore it
6.) Tell them to stop
7.) Apologize
8.) Make a deal
9.) Wait and cool off