What does a school counselor do?

(Dictated by the Oregon Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Framework)
*Provides individual, short-term support

*Plans and teaches developmental classroom guidance lessons (K-5)

*Facilitates small educational support groups when appropriate

*Conferences with parents and teachers

*Consults with teachers and other professionals

*Serves as a liaison to community resources

*Coordinates the Student Services Team (SST)

*Works with school personnel, parents, and students during crises

*Works to maintain a positive, supportive school environment for everyone

*Case Manager for 504 Plans

*Attends IEP meetings, as needed

*ADHD rating scales and observations

*Helps coordinate special events such as “Hands are not for Hurting” and
  “Pennies for Patients”

*Coordinates Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance

*Helps families with resources (medical, dental, vision, clothing, school supplies)

*Refers families to community counseling or mental health professional resources

*Teaches all students problem solving ideas to help manage conflicts (Kelso’s Wheel)

*Coordinates a bully prevention program, 3rd- 5th grade (Steps to Respect)

*Attends monthly Counseling Program meetings & trainings

*Develops individual support plans to help students become socially and emotionally
  successful at school

*Develops daily tracking cards for school and parents to monitor student behavior and

*Listens, helps, encourages and cares about ALL students at Gubser