Student Ambassador program for new students

The Student Ambassador program was implemented to assist new students in their transition to Gubser as well as to help them to meet and develop relationships with established students.  It is also a great opportunity for students at Gubser to apply their social skills and model appropriate behavior.

This is how it works:

Student Ambassadors:
1.       Student Ambassadors will be chosen at each grade (a boy and girl from each classroom) level based on the following criteria:
*Good social skills
*Positive attitude towards school and learning
*Completes work on time
*Positive leader among their peers
*Handles responsibility well
*Respectful towards staff and other students

2.       Once the Student Ambassadors are selected, the School Counselor will train them on the following:
*What is a Student Ambassador
*Student Ambassador responsibilities          
            -meet the new student at the office
                                    -obtain a tour booklet
                                    -provide a tour of our school, introducing the staff included 
                                      in the booklet
                                    -have lunch with the new student
                                    -Invite the new student to spend time with him/her at 
                                      throughout the new student’s first week.
                                    -Review the tour booklet and staff list
                                    -Walk through of how to give a tour