About the Gubser Guidance and Counseling Program

Working with students:
I am available to work with students in small groups and individually for short-term educational support. Small group support is offered on an as needed basis. Each small group typically meets for 30 minutes, once a week for 8-10 weeks. Groups focus on topics such as divorce/changing families, anger management, friendship & social skills, death/loss, or other topics as necessary. Student referrals for group may be made by teachers or parents. Students can also request to see me individually through their classroom teacher or through parent emails to me. Throughout the school year I spend time will all students at Gubser during classroom guidance lessons. Guidance lesson topics include manners and being respectful, tattling vs. reporting, problem solving, using are words to tell others what we want or need, friendship, teasing, bullying, feelings, anger management, coping skills, differences, careers and personal safety.

Working with parents and teachers:
I work with both parents and teachers to assist in planning intervention and prevention strategies for students. These strategies are designed to promote personal, social, emotional and academic development of students in order for all students to become successful learners.

Parents can call (503-399-3275) or email (mills_michelle@salkeiz.k12.or.us) to make appointments to meet with me. Stopping by without an appointment is discouraged because my schedule is typically full each week during school hours. An appointment is the best way to ensure that I will be available to meet with you and to give you the time you need. Thank you for doing this.

Gubser behavior expectations and matrix

Gator’s R.O.C.K
On task
Cautious & safe
Kind & respectful

What happens when my child display expected behaviors?
Any administrator, teacher, or staff member in the building can give rewards
to students who display expected behaviors.

Rewards include:
Gator tickets: Gator tickets are awarded when students are “caught” demonstrating positive behaviors. At the beginning of each week there is a gator ticket drawing
where students’ tickets are drawn and announced over the intercom during
Monday morning announcements. Those students get to go to the principal’s
office to spin the prize wheel.

Class Act cards: Each week classrooms have the opportunity to earn Class Act cards
when the entire class is "caught" by other teachers modeling Gubser's behavior
expectations.  For example, if a classroom is walking quietly through the hall, another
staff member can recognize the desired behavior by giving them a class act card.
These cards are collected in the classroom and when the class collects a designated
number of them, they have a classroom celebration.



Cautious & Safe
Kind & Respectful
all the time
-Follow directions of the school staff
-Use appropriate voice levels
-Get permission before leaving area
-Use Kelso’s Wheel to solve small problems
-Be where I am supposed to be on time
-Be prepared
-Do my personal best
-Keep hands & body to myself and in control
-Be aware of personal space
-Use safe words and actions
-Report unsafe/big problems to adults

-Think before I speak and act
-Use good manners
-Use kind words and actions
-Value differences
-Tell the truth
(Voice level 2
 or below)
-Follow staff directions
-Wait quietly and calmly on the front
-Keep clear of the doorway
-Be in my seat before bell
-Be prepared for learning
-Watch for cars
-Use crosswalks
-Keep my hands & body to myself and in control
-Walk bikes and scooters while on school property
-Talk with others calmly and politely
-Greet others
-Respond to greetings
(Voice level 2
or below)
-Eat only my own food
-Clean up after myself
-Stay seated until excused
-Wait calmly and quietly in line
-Focus first on eating
-Hold my tray with both hands
-Sit flat and stay seated
-Tell a teacher if there is a spill
-Talk quietly with others at my table
-Raise my hand if I need something
-Use good table manners
(Voice level 2
or below)
-Calmly wait for my turn
-Flush toilet
-Use the right amount of soap & towels
 -Put paper towels in the trash can
-Use the restroom
-Wash hands
-Return to class quickly
-Keep my hands & body to myself and in control
-Keep soap and water in sink
-Report any safety issues to adults
-Give people privacy
-Flush the toilet
-Leave writing utensils in the classroom

-Make responsible choices during play 
 -Line up quickly and quietly
 -Report unsafe/big problems to adults
-Play safely
-Freeze and follow directions
-Put equipment away quickly
- Show good sportsmanship
-Keep my hands & body to myself and in control
-Use equipment safely and correctly
-Stay in sight of teachers
-Use Kelso’s Wheel to solve small problems
-Include and encourage others
-Take turns
-Take care of and share equipment
(Voice level 0)
-Walk safely and follow directions

-Go directly to my destination
 (no wandering)
-Keep my hands & body to myself and in control
-Walk on right side

-Move quietly and show respect for others’
-Wait my turn
-Respect work on display
-Follow teacher’s directions
-Play by the rules of activity
-Line up quickly & quietly

-Play fair
-Show good sportsmanship
-Keep my hands & body to myself an in control
-Be aware of personal space
-Use kind words and actions
-Include and encourage others
-Take care of and share equipment
-Use Kelso’s Wheel to solve small problems
Computer Lab
(Voice level 2
or below)
-Leave computer settings as they are
-Stay within the program assigned
-Clean up my area before leaving
-Stay in my seat
-Raise the foam hand for help
-Sit safely in my seat
-Use the equipment gently
-Use kind words with others
-Listen to instructions before starting
-Talk when appropriate

-Follow directions of speaker
-Stay seated
-Be a polite audience
-Walk when entering and exiting
-Keep my hands & body to myself and in control
-Stay seated
-Be a polite audience
-Clap properly at the appropriate times
-Sit flat
(Voice level 2
or below)
-Leave prepared
-Wait quietly and calmly for pick up in
  correct area
-Follow staff directions
-Go directly to my destination (no wandering)
-Keep my hands & body to myself and in control
-Walk cautiously and safely
-Use cross walks
-Walk bikes and scooters while on school property
-Look out for others’ safety
(Voice level 2
or below)
-Follow bus driver’s directions at all 
-Clean up after myself

-Stay seated
-Face forward
-talk quietly
-Keep hands & body to myself and in control
-Face forward
-Be aware of personal space
-Report unsafe problems to the bus driver
-Follow school expectations
-Use kind words and actions with others