School Counselor Philosophy Statement

The School Counselor at Gubser Elementary believes:

*My role is to work as a team with school, parents, and community to create a caring environment where children's’ needs are met through prevention, early identification, and intervention.
*My role is to be a facilitator of change, leader of school improvement, partner in educational excellence, and coordinator of collaborative community efforts.
*In implementing a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program where a team effort is utilized to provide the best possible environment for all students.
*In promoting and enhancing the learning process for all students through an integration of academic, career, personal/social development and community involvement whereby the students will always be learning about themselves along the way.
*It is necessary to learn about gender, social, race, environmental, political, religious, ethnic, and cultural issues and differences among people.
*In enabling positive change, empowering leadership, and promoting collaboration.

The Gubser Elementary School Counseling program should:
*Consist of a full-time, state certified and licensed, masters-level counselor to deliver the school counseling program.
*Advocate the equitable treatment of all students.
*Be an integral part of the total education program.
*Be comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature with a multidimensional perspective.
*Be based on specific standards and developmental competencies as advocated by Salem-Keizer School District, the state of Oregon, and ASCA.
*Be developed, coordinated, and implemented in collaboration with a counseling advisory committee.
*Use data to drive program development, evaluation, and improvement.
*Focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for successful academic achievement, career development, personal/social growth, and community contribution.
*Consult, refer, and coordinate with resources in the Salem Keizer School District and in the community.
*Be evaluated yearly using the Salem-Keizer School District LEGENDS scoring system and student learning goals.

The Gubser Elementary School Counselor will:
*Abide by the professional school counselor ethical code as stated in the ASCA guidelines.
*Participate in professional development activities.
*Continuously monitor counseling program and school goals.